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  • Please verify the hardware version of your device for the firmware version. Wrong firmware upgrade may damage your device and void the warranty.
  • Do NOT turn off the power during upgrade.
  • Do NOT upgrade the firmware through wireless connection unless the device only has wireless connection;
  • It's recommended that users stop all Internet applications on the computer, or simply disconnect Internet line from the device before upgrade.
  • Use decompression software such as WinZIP or WinRAR to extract the file you download before upgrade.
Published Date12.09.2014
File Size3.79 MB
Operating SystemWin2000/XP/2003/Vista/7/8/Mac/Linux
Modifications and Bug Fixes
  1. Fix the bug that LTE modem can't auto-deblock PIN;
  2. Fix the bug that when you click the " Enter PIN Code" in the status page, you will get a "501 error" message;
  3. Fix the bug that using E3276 modem with TL-MR3420,watching online video or high speed download via wireless will make TL-MR3420 reboot itself;
  4. Fix the bug that router can't show 3G/4G signal strength;
  5. Fix the bug that the backup link won't revert to the main link when the main connection resumes to normal again;
  6. Fix some modems' compatibility issues and known bugs.
NotesFor TL-MR3420_V2
Published Date19.03.2014
File Size3.79 MB
Operating SystemWin2000/XP/2003/Vista/7/Mac/Linux
Modifications and Bug Fixes
  1. Improved security mechanism.
  2. Improved 3G/4G compatibility.
  3. Added PIN auto-deblocking function.
  4. Improved WDS function.
  5. Improved Daylight Saving Time.
  6. Improved user experience .
  7. Improved firmware upgrade stability.
  8. Added time zone support for Caracas.
  9. Fixed some bugs.
NotesFor TL-MR3420 V2
Published Date06.12.2012
File Size3.54 MB
Operating SystemWin2000/XP/2003/Vista/7/Mac/Linux
Modifications and Bug Fixes
  1. Update ISP list.
  2. Improved 3G compability.
  3. Corrected some error in 3G/4G HELP page.
  4. Added Philippines_PLDT WeRoam Unlimited in ISP list. Improved wireless function.
NotesSuit for TL-MR3420 v2
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Datasheet English TL-MR3420_V2.0_datasheet 671 KB
Declaration of Conformity English TL-MR3420_CE_DOC 410 KB
User Guide English TL-MR3420_V2_User Guide 1.73 MB
User Guide English TL-MR3420_V2.0_User Guide 1.73 MB
3G/4G USB Modem Compatibility List English USB_Modem_Comp_List_TL-MR3420 -