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Banish buffering forever, stream 3D and HD content throughout your home – instantly. As the name suggests Dual Band means your router transmits on two wavelengths simultaneously. All wireless routers broadcast on the 2.4GHz channel, so if you can ‘see’ another network you are suffering from congestion and your network is under performing. It’s not just other networks that can cause congestion, digital phones and microwaves also interfere with normal wireless routers reducing your total available bandwidth.


No more
Wi-Fi Dead-Zones

Struggling to get all 5 bars on your Wi-Fi? Using powerline is like hardwiring your devices to your router – except without the hassle. Connect your router to the powerline plug, pair with the second device and Presto! a high speed, encrypted and stable internet service for your smart TV, games console, desktop, in fact any Ethernet enabled device.


* This offer is valid when TD-W8980, TL-WDR4900 or TL-PA551KIT are purchased from one of the following list of outlets between 26th  April and 30th June 2013: Amazon, Aria, Box, Broadband Buyer, CCL, CPC, Dabs/BT Business, ebuyer, Insight, Laptops Direct, Micro Direct, Misco, Netstore Direct, Novatech and Overclockers.

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