TP-LINK Replacement & Warranty

Warranty & Replacement Policy

Limited Warranty 

TP-Link UK Ltd (“TP-Link UK”) provides a limited warranty period on different type of product which is purchased from our authorized TP-Link UK distributor/retailer. It is a risk for customer to purchase a TP-Link product from an unauthorized dealer or personal because our warranty will not be valid on unoriginal product.

TP-Link UK warranty starts from the purchase date of your original product no matter how many replacement are made during the warranty period. The warranty covers the main device, antenna and external power supply for any material or workmanship defects. Packaging, various cables, software products, technical data and other accessories are not covered under this warranty. PLEASE RETAIN A COPY OF YOUR INVOICE/RECEIPT to verify the purchase for any future warranty claim. TP-Link UK may decline to provide a replacement if the customer is failed to produce the effective invoice/receipt.

TP-Link UK will only replace with a same model or an equivalent product as long as the defective product is covered by the term of our warranty. The maximum liability of TP-Link UK is equal to or no higher than the product's purchased price and TP-Link UK will not offer any option for refund because we as the manufacturer do not sell our product to the end user directly.

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Warranty Exemptions

Conditions disqualifying a product from Warranty include but are not limited to the following:

  • Any defect caused by misuse, improper installation or maintenance that is not required by TP-LINK UK Lt destruction;
  • Any defect caused by software, virus or improper use of self-made and non-public software;
  • Any product beyond the limited free replacement and repair period;
  • Any unauthorised obliteration or damage to the product barcode;
  • Any discrepancy between the product type and barcode or warranty card;
  • Any unauthorised modification to the supporting setting files, or any authorized disassembly and repair;
  • Any defect caused by improper use in the working conditions beyond those stated in the literature (for example: working conditions that are too hot/cold, wet/dry; high sea-level; instable electric current and voltage and so on)
  • Any defect caused by personal disaster or improper maintenance, such as mechanical damage, serious oxidation and rusting, rat damage, over exertion and so on;
  • Any defect caused by transportation or loading during returning voyage;
  • Any natural disaster such as earthquake, fire, flood, thunder strike and so on;
  • Any other defects that are not caused by workmanship, technique, product quality and the like;

Conditions that Disqualify Product from Warranty in the external power supply include:

  • The returned power supply has obvious damage, fissure, broken legs, severe deformation;
  • The returned power cord is broken, has naked core and damages like this.

Warranty Period

As of February 20, 2017, TP-Link UK will offer a 3 Year Warranty program on our selected SOHO Products. The warranty period will be automatically upgraded to 3 years, and you will no longer be required to register products on our website as soon as your SOHO Product is purchased. See more information about “Changes to TP-Link UK Warranty Policy”

Product type Warranty Period
TP-Link SOHO & Smart Home1 Products 3 Years
TP-Link SMB Products Lifetime Warranty2
TP-Link Smart Bulbs1 & Accessories 2 Years
TP-Link External Battery 1 Year
JetStream L3 Managed Swith 10G SFP+ Series
T3700G-28TQ TXC432-CU1M
JetStream Managed Switch Smart Switch
T2700G-28TQ TL-SG2008
T2700G-28TQ-L1000 TL-SG2216
TL-SG5428 T1600G-28TS(TL-SG2424)
TL-SG5412F TL-SL2210
TL-SL5428 TL-SL2218
TL-SL3452 TL-SL2428
T2600G-28TS (TL-SG3424) TL-SL2452
TL-SG3216 T1600G-52TS(TL-SG2452)
TL-SG3210 T1500-28PCT
Unmanaged 10/100/1000M Switch PoE Switch
TL-SF1016DS T1600G-52PS
TL-SL1226 TL-SG3424P
TL-SG105 TL-SG2424P
TL-SG108 TL-SG2210P
TL-SG1016D TL-SF1008P
TL-SG1024D TL-SG1008P
TL-SG1008 TL-SG1008PE
TL-SG1016 T1500-28PCT
Easy Smart Switch  
Fiber Converter
SFP Fiber Module (MiniGBIC) Gigabit Fiber Converter
TL-SM321A MC220L
100M Fiber Converter 100M WDM Fiber Converter
Fiber Converter Chassis  
Business Wireless Access Point
Outdoor High Power Access Point Wireless Ceiling Mount Access Point
TL-WA7210N EAP220
TL-WA5210G EAP120
CPE210 EAP110
VPN Router Multi-VAN Router
TL-R600VPN TL-R470T+
TL-ER604W TL-R480T+(v5)
TL-ER6020 TL-ER5120
Power Bank USB Hub Print Server
TL-PB10400 UH720 TL-PS110P
PB50 UH700 TL-PS110U
TL-PB2600 UH400 TL-PS310U
TL-PB5200   TL-WPS510U
Bluetooth Music Receiver Bluetooth Speaker USB to Ethernet Converter
HA100 Groovi Ripple UE300
Smart Bulbs  
LB130 LB120
LB110 LB100
External Battery Within Below Product Package

1Note: 2 Years warranty for Smart Bulbs, 3 Years warranty for other Smart Home Products.
2Note: TP-Link UK will honour the lifetime warranty for all SMB Products purchased after 15th May 2015.

Replacement Procedure

Option 1. Express Replacement 

If you are experiencing with the defective product under the warranty period, please first contact your original distributor/retailer to ensure a rapid replacement and they will cover the cost of sending the faulty product back to them for a replacement or a refund.


Option 2. Standard Replacement

If your original distributor/retailer no longer accepts your claim, you are welcome to require a replacement through TP-Link Return Material Authorization (RMA) team by the following steps as below.

  • Click here to view detailed procedures for Standard Service
  • Click here to view detailed procedures for Advanced Service

Replacement Procedure


Standard Service

Procedures in Detail

Step 1) Contact us through our Technical Support Hotline 0845 147 0017 (UK) or 0818 229 000 (Ireland). A representative will help you with remote troubleshooting. If the product is judged to be defective, the representative will provide you with a unique RMA number.

Step 2) TP-Link Hotline Support team will send an email to explain the RMA process.

Step 3) Produce the effective invoice/receipt to TP-Link UK RMA team for approval.

Step 4) Return defective product along with RMA number to TP-Link UK RMA team.

Step 5) TP-Link UK RMA team will deliver a replacement next two working days of receiving the defective product.

Please note: 

  • Customer contact and product information will be requested in Step 1.
  • The customers are responsible for the one-way shipping fee when sending the defective product(s) to TP-Link UK RMA team.
  • TP-Link UK is responsible for the one way shipping fee in Step 5.

Advanced Service (UK Mainland Only)

TP-Link UK offers an Advanced Service for ADSL and SMB Products to customers who wish to receive their new replacement before sending the defective unit to minimize service interruption time. If you prefer to use this service, TP-Link UK RMA team will deliver a replacement and collect your defective product at the same time after the shipping fee is completed. The shipping fees are shown below:

Shipping Service 1-2 Day Delivery
ADSL Products £ 24
SMB Products £ 24

Click here to classify your product.

Procedures in Detail

Step 1) Contact us through our Technical Support Hotline 0845 147 0017 (UK). A representative will help you with remote troubleshooting. If the product is judged to be defective, the representative will provide you with a unique RMA number.

Step 2) TP-Link Hotline Support team will send an email to explain the RMA process. Customers may request the advanced service by email reply.

Step 3) Arrange the payment and get your defective product ready to be collected.

Step 4) Receive your new replacement from TP-Link UK.


Please note:

  • Calls from UK landlines generally cost between 1p and 10.5p per minute depending on the time of day. Calls from UK mobile phones cost between 15p and 40p per minute depending on your mobile network provider. 
  • Calls from Irish landlines generally cost 5.19 cent/min (1.99 cent/min for evening and weekend). The cost of calls from Irish mobile phones depend on your mobile network provider.
  • Day rates refer to 8am-6pm Mon to Fri, Evening rates refer to 6pm-8am Mon to Fri, Weekend rates refer to midnight Friday to midnight Sunday. 24 hours a day, 7days a week. 
  • Please note that TP-Link provides 0845 147 0017 technical service in adherence to the OFCOM regulations for premium rate services.


1. Warranty service stated above is only valid for products sold in the UK. TP-Link UK is not responsible for International Warranty Service. Any other additional warranty service agreed during purchase shall only be effective based on the contract signed by TP-Link UK.
2. Any warranty service made by the distributor is beyond this warranty policy, TP-Link UK shall not be held liable. Please obtain documents during purchase in order to be honoured by the distributor.
3. Any direct or indirect damage that prohibited the product to function normally, TP-Link UK shall only be liable for the duties stipulated by the state law.
4. TP-Link UK shall neither, on any account, respond to any loss caused by damages such as improper use of applications and configurations, nor respond to any accusation put forward by a third party.
5. TP-Link UK reserves all rights including interpretation and modification to this warranty policy.